USNS Sacagawea Delivery Medical Equipment Donation to Hospital in Darien and Rotary Club Panama


On Friday, July 27, the USNS Sacagawea, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy and Panama’s Ministry of Health, delivered a donation of medical equipment and supplies for the Manuel A. Nieto Hospital in Yaviza, Darien, which was recently renovated with U.S. government funds (See Facebook pictures).  They also donated medical equipment and supplies worth over $45,000 to Panama’s Rotary Club.  The United States Navy is making a positive difference through the Project Handclasp program, that facilitates the donation of toys, medical supplies, water purification equipment and more  to Panama each year.

The Panama Rotary Club has been instrumental in the coordination of donations throughout Panama after starting relations with the Missouri Rotary Club in 2011.  Big thanks to the Missouri Catholic Health Association, Living Water Teaching, Lifeline Christian Mission, Mission Outreach, and  the Panama Rotary for working together to improve the lives of many Panamanians!